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Digital Innovation: Learn by Doing

  • Our rule of thumb: we teach you to do what we do, while working together on digital projects.

    We set up a core team with your key people from business and IT and bring in our own people with the extra skills & experience that your digital project needs. We call this a hybrid team.

    We want to deliver quality and transfer knowledge so that next time you will need us less.

    Find out how we roll.

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You need a war room!

War Rooms v2.0 In the past, war rooms were strategic places in army camps where the decision makers had the tools and information to decide their military movements and actions, as we can see in movies like Dr. Strangelove, or more recently, in Game of Thrones. While the context of use of a “war room”… View Article

Foursevens TV

‘Let’s do something different’ I said in a marketing brainstorm last year. Let’s interview some interesting people who have something to say about digital innovation. To dive deeper than buzzwords. And maybe someone else might find that interesting too. So we’ll film it! Or we do podcasts! No podcasts are for nerds. We film it,… View Article

Tailor made is great for suits.

About 4 years ago I was working as a business analyst at a large financial company. They were planning to build a monster. The monster would consist of a top market CMS buried beneath a pile of customization. Because surely a large organisation has its very own incredibly specific needs when it comes to managing… View Article

Fintech Summit Belgium in sketches

We visited Fintech Belgium summit last week. Hoping to hear some great fintech startup pitches and to meet interesting people. And bump into lots of people from past projects at Foursevens. The suits were grey, the food was lovely and the talks were varied. An impression in a few sketches. The introduction to the debate started… View Article