We visited Fintech Belgium summit last week. Hoping to hear some great fintech startup pitches and to meet interesting people. And bump into lots of people from past projects at Foursevens. The suits were grey, the food was lovely and the talks were varied. An impression in a few sketches.

The introduction to the debate started stating the complexity of fintech due to an over regulated financial landscape in Belgium. A topic that kept popping up throughout the rest of the day.
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Christophe Majois from FSMA kicked off the debate answering questions about the little visited FSMA fintech portal.



I then spent most of the day upstairs where there were three series of pitches by fintech startups. Despite the lack of rock-and-roll in some of the pitches my attention was caught by some. The introduction spoke about the challenges in creating a good fintech product, one of the challenges being to create something that fits real users;



Most startups didn’t mention the upcoming PSD2 regulation but it was obvious many of them will greatly benefit from payment initiation made possible by PSD2. For example Tricount which is (yet another) app that solves group spending ;



Connect 24-7 () then introduced their digital package offering to merchants, lowering the barrier for traditional merchants towards ecommerce and digital services.

In the large auditorium Dominique Adriansens hit a weak spot in the bankers audience with his account of three production releases a week for Twikey. He introduced Twikey as a very creative way of working with direct debit transactions.

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The fintech startup pitch sessions continued upstairs. The setting was somehow symbolic with the room having a view on the building site where once the majestic Fortis building was;


My day ended with the talk by Paul Rohan, he wrote a book and if you are remotely interested in PSD2 you need to buy and read it (https://www.bol.com/nl/p/psd2-in-plain-english/9200000061240903/)