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What is “VIVES op afstand”?

VIVES is a modern higher education institute that organizes education focused on competences, innovative pragmatic research and service to the community to answer social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Platform for exams

VIVES, a centre for higher education, opened a new exam facility in the city of Kortrijk. They want to offer flexibility to subscribe to exams. The exam center will use a new digital platform, Square, that includes a whole range of tools, both for teachers and students and people overseeing the exam. Teachers have an easy way to create exams. They upload the document and choose the possible dates of the exam. This is the case for written, oral and online exams. It can also be used for assignments.

Efficiency and ease of use

Students can easily subscribe to a certain exam and pick a date that best suits them. The task of the person overseeing the exam will become much more pleasant; the system creates a seating plan automatically. Square also allows to print exams in the correct order for easy handout. The platform is part of the innovative style of VIVES.


Responsive website Public sector

VDAB digital presence

VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders. The main mission of VDAB is to match job seekers with good jobs. VDAB has a database of around 85.000 jobs which is filled from different sources.

Before we started VDAB had three different digital channels:

  • a website
  • a mobile-only website
  • a native smartphone app

They each operated independently and evolved separately, a guarantee for bad user experience.

Responsive website step by step

We developed a responsive website for mobile, desktop and tablet users. But changing a large and complex website into a fully responsive website, is not something you do overnight. It is complex and it takes long. We came up with a different plan. We first rebuilt ‘find a job’ into a responsive and user-centric website that was temporarily hosted on the mobile-only domain. This allowed us to run it as a live website. We then did the same exercise for all the other functions until the beta-site was complete and ready to replace the old website.

Become an innovator

You can’t change all your existing teams at once to apply a new architecture and get to speed with UX thinking. We delivered a team for this project. They worked closely together with internal business experts. A small team and big steps are how we convince organizations of a new way of working. And pave the way for an organisational change.

This project was a great collaboration with Wijs,  Calibrate and Passwerk.

Our three take aways for large digital projects;

  • Start small. Scale fast.
  • Involve stakeholders. End users, Business and IT.
  • Initiate change, don’t break!

If you would like to know more details about this project and our way of working, we’re only one email away.

GDF Suez Electrabel

Showpad app Utilities

Showpad for sales

The sales team at Electrabel uses iPads and the sales app Showpad to efficiently communicate with customers about products and services. Showpad offers access to documents and slideshows. But some questions of customers need not only static information but calculations and simulations.

Need for simulation

We were asked to create a simulation tool based on a number of dynamic parameters. The simulation tool needed to comply with the corporate style already implemented in the Showpad content library. The administrator had to be able to keep the market parameters up-to-date easily.

Fast delivery of small and useful tool

Foursevens created an userfriendly webapp in Showpad. The sales person can do the simulations during the customer visit, within the Showpad app. An administrator can easily upload the up-to-date parameters to the Showpad platform. A small app that makes a big difference for the users!


Employee app Healthcare

System centric

The starting point of this project was an extensive description of existing SAP procedures. Our customer expected this to be excellent input for our analysis to start and had put a lot of work in documenting. We convinced the team that a deep understanding of the current situation was paramount to creating a successful digital solution.

User observation

The project took a new start with four days of observing the representatives, our future users. Knowing exactly how they work helped us to find the ideal marriage between ease of use and existing SAP  processes. These days were a big source of information and inspiration throughout the project. It also allowed to reach out to the users in a very early stage of the project, easing the path of user adoption.

Switch to employee apps

Employee apps are more than any other digital project an exercise in change. They often go hand in hand with first time use of the tablet. At Foursevens we believe that digital adoption needs to be taken seriously, it is our starting point and continuous point of attention throughout our projects. People will only change their way of working if they feel motivated to do so, if it makes sense to each one of them.


Mobile banking Finance

Lagging behind

Crelan was one of the last banks who joined the financial rush towards mobile. They had a very clear plan, they wanted to offer an excellent, user-friendly mobile banking experience and do it as quickly as possible. We got 5 months and a fixed budget.

Power of visualisation

We analysed both front-end functionality and available backend systems, data sources, security. The first phase of the project was fully focused on finding the best user experience within existing technical boundaries. In order to deliver fast we had to make the most of existing systems. Any backend change would set us back months. Parallel creative and technical tracks allowed us to make pragmatic choices. We delivered a fully working and branded prototype for all departments to see and share what we would build.

We convinced the organisation with the prototype and went on to build. We delivered a small team of developers, an analyst, a graphic designer and project manager. They worked closely together to deliver new functionalities every two weeks.

Speedy delivery

This is by far our most ambitious mobile banking project to date. We have been able to combine flat design, clear navigation and usability and even a tad of gamification in this app. Our analyst and project manager were the driving forces behind this efficient team and the wonderful collaboration across the Crelan organisation.

Visit Flanders

Responsive website Tourism

Convince 13 project owners

What do you do if you have 13 project owners and they all want to go their way. Our predecessor had tried a top-down keep-it-secret way and failed. We decided this organisation was in need of a whole lot of demystification. Visit Flanders is a decentralized organisation with local representation in over 13 countries. Each of these has a website that comes out of one central Content Management System.

The power of numbers

Before even speaking of a plan to build a responsive website, we dug deep into available information. We researched previous web initiatives and what had gone wrong. We investigated all possible analytics information we could lay our hands on. One by one we documented the case for each of the 13 countries. We then started a long series of online and group presentation sessions to dive into the current state of things. Mobile traffic to the non-mobile-friendly websites of Visit Flanders was increasing at enormous speeds. An evolution not rare in tourism. Visit Flanders was missing out on ever larger numbers of potential website visitors.

Don’t write, prototype

After carefully creating consciousness about the current situation, we crafted an extensive HTML prototype. One that could be put online, accessed by all the stakeholders. Any paper description of the website left so much space for interpretation and so many questions unasked. It was necessary to agree on real things. The prototype was that real thing. We had talks over Skype with each stakeholder and would look at the prototype together. We got to consensus and a few months later we had foreign offices requesting to migrate as soon as possible.

i3 Learnhub

Web App Education

Foursevens and her partner XAOP are currently working on a cloud based Whiteboard application. This application can run on interactive whiteboards, laptops, tablets. Cross device, cross browser. Just login and start teaching/meeting.

It has taken us to the darkest and hottest places in HTML5 and Javascript. We are tremendously proud to be part of this project and if you’re curious to take a look, please subscribe to i3Learnhub: