Digital Innovation: Learn by doing


Step 1: Without the right stakeholders, projects fail

Better than anyone else, your people know what they want to achieve. The only problem? They don’t know how to get things going. And they lack the skills, confidence or experience required to make it a reality. At least for now.

We work with you and your people, assembling a project team where every skill required is present. We gather the stakeholders you want and those you will need further down the line into one (temporary) digital team.


Step 2: Let's not solve a problem that doesn't exist

Together we research what would be a good problem to solve, in case you haven't defined that yet. Our research methods range from stakeholder interviews to user observations to surveys and more. We then analyse the best possible way to solve this problem and test the outcome in an interactive prototype on real people. Only when we are sure we have nailed it, we continue to the next step.


Step 3: Become a digital organisation by doing doable projects

You need a technological architecture that’s able to carry your end-user solution. We provide you with an analysis and design that lets you know exactly what needs doing and how to do it. By designing to the abilities and limitations of your current IT landscape, we can ensure your digital project will work how you want it to.

We research technical possibilities for feasibility. We discover and describe alternative solutions for technical obstacles. And we draw a technical road map to become fully digital, one meaningful step at the time.


Step 4: a healthy dose of digital know-how and new skills

We raise digital awareness in everyone we meet during a project. We do this through awareness sessions in the idea generation phase. We research your digital maturity and explain where you are and why.

We later collaborate closely with your technical resources who sit in on a number of pair programming sessions with our developers. We keep a tight link with our business sponsors through workshops, user testing and by offering well documented options. We allow our stakeholders to make informed decisions and choices, every step of the line.

We take advantage of our time together during a project to pass on as much as we can. This way you’ll be better prepared to handle the future challenges of digital.


Step 5: deliver and improve

And then there’s the end result. You achieve your project goals. It’s perfectly tailored to your organisation and the needs of the users. Together we put in place the methods to measure user adoption and successful usage. This will allow you to decide, based on facts, how your digital initiative needs to evolve.

By working together your organisation will have the knowledge you need to look at your next digital project with confidence and enthusiasm.

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