Last weekend Foursevens headed out to Amsterdam. I want to share the things we did, because each one of them is a source of inspiration. Foursevens works on digital innovation projects every day and we are keen to see what is going on in other places whenever we get the chance.

The agenda of our weekend in Amsterdam.

We were at the Mobilism conference on Friday, the last Mobilism conference ever. Without a doubt the best conference we attended this year. In every way; great speakers you rarely get to see anywhere else, excellent talks and Q&A sessions, great presenter, wonderful and attentive audience (that includes us of course). All this in a beautiful venue, good food & drinks. It was the best idea ever to come here with our entire team. Truly inspirational. Lucky for you they will put all the talks online.

Our next stop was the CitizenM hotel. A hotel that packs a whole range of innovative ideas and technology into one. If you are into innovation, in any type of business, book a room here, you will understand what innovation feels like.

Saturday morning started with a workshop at Gewoonboot; a sustainable meeting room boat. Great views over the water, excellent service. Lots of information on how they built it and made it sustainable in energy and water usage. And surely these surroundings helped to have a very productive workshop.

Lunch at container-built restaurant and bar Pllek. Or how old port areas can be turned into lovely meeting places. We got there using the free ferry from the Central station. In the afternoon we visited the future 3D house printer at 3D Canal House. We looked in vain for a subscription list. We’d have put our names down as future clients, that’s for sure. But they’re not quite there yet.

Our last stop was Westergasfabriek where instead of a walk, the weather drove us towards de Ketelhuis where we loved the two-people-cinema, what a great idea! That could totally work elsewhere too.

We had dinner at Instock, a pop-up restaurant that cooks with supermarket leftovers. They are soon moving to more permanent locations so this initiative will continue.

The rest of the evening was spent in non-innovative and certainly not sustainable places, we’ll spare you the details. But we all survived. Amsterdam is a great location for an inspiration weekend based on sustainable innovation.