A weekend together in Amsterdam. A rainy afternoon in a nice pub. That’s all we needed to get going. As digital innovation consultants, we often help our customers imagine what their future can look like. We investigate what they do today and come up with possible digital services that would ensure a bright future for their customers and their organisation. It is rare that we make time to imagine our own future or the future of our society. You see, our society is not a customer of ours. But with a nice drink at hand we started to imagine what 2030 will look like. And we’re happy to share some of our ideas;

3D printer in every household.


A 3D printer will become as common and affordable as a regular printer. Most people will have one in their homes by 2030 and will have very easy applications to select designs and have them printed.

Self-driving becomes standard.


Self-driving cars will become the standard in certain areas with dense traffic. It will still be possible to drive these cars manually. It will also still be possible to drive a ‘manual’ car, but they might get excluded on some roads.

Growth of small businesses, decline of large corporations.


Small businesses will become much more important in our economy. Digital small businesses will be the largest growing kind of small businesses. Technology will make starting up a business and running a business easy, cheap and attainable.

Digital Direct Democracy


Politicians have some serious disruption heading towards them. The representative democracy as we know it today is nearing an end. Technology will allow for a shift towards direct democracy in which direct and immediate involvement of the people is made possible.

Intercontinental travel through space.


The last 20 years have not done much to air travel times. Instead of faster airplanes, we believe some forms of commercial space travelling will emerge, resulting in faster intercontinental travel times. Shopping malls could make much more sense in space than they ever have on earth. Some duty free shopping on your way to New York?


Our conclusion is: we live in exciting times. And there is much more fun ahead. Do you believe these are scary times? Do you believe your organisation is not up to this? Then maybe we need to talk. We help companies make sense of digital innovation, especially those companies who prove bad at reinventing themselves.