A little thought I had this morning, when my car reminded me it needs maintenance.
My first thought every day for the last 6 days when I start my car: ‘Dear car, reminding me of maintenance every time I step into my car does NOT help me. I am driving and therefore in no position to look up the number of my dealer and make an appointment.’
But what if my dealer would do the work for me? With current technology it would be easy to accomplish the following;
  • based on previous records of my car the dealer calculates when my car needs a next maintenance
  • based on everyone’s records this calculation is refined to make it more reliable and precise
  • two weeks before that calculated date I get an invitation by email with three possible slots for car maintenance I can choose from
  • I choose the slot that best suits me, it then sits in my agenda and I drop of my car at that date
Disclaimer: My ideas are for free, we don’t sell ideas at Foursevens, if you need someone to make them come true, call us.