Birthdays are moments of celebration. Of looking back and wishing good things for the future. Today (more or less) Foursevens turns 4.

Pride and despair

This year, Foursevens has made me feel proud, brought me joy and has driven me, for moments, to dark despair (like toddlers tend to do).

Proud moments were of course the delivery of, the Crelan mobile banking apps, Vives’ online platform, Visit Flanders websites. Welcoming some wonderful new people in our team. Having the opportunity to present our ideas and beliefs to a slow-but-steadily-growing audience.

(If you want to know about the despair, better contact me and we’ll chat over a large cup of tea. But hey, I can’t complain!)

All things new

Being 4 also means exploring new things and doing a lot ‘for the very first time’. So for the first time we went on a weekend out (to Amsterdam). For the first time we sponsored an event. For the first time we introduced work-together-day. For the first time we’re organising a course. (On digital innovation potential, it’s almost finished and we’ll let you know when you can subscribe cause we would love to have you subscribe!). And for the first time our Project Prep work is really catching on, we’re running four of them simultaneously as we speak.

Year 5

Of course there is so much Foursevens still has to learn. So in its fifth year Foursevens will need to play outside a lot more. Make more friends. And not forget to show and talk about the wonderful things we’ve done already. And we certainly need to stay true to what we believe in.

A special thanks goes to all Fourseveners, you are the greatest people to be and work with. And also a shout out to our best friends on the playground this year: Calibrate, Gumm, Bazookas and Appreciate. Playing together is powerful stuff.


If you are interested in Foursevens, come and have a cup of tea, if you’re lucky there might be some cake left! Drop an email at