There you have it, I have finally discovered what hackatons and tech challenges are good for. Mind you, I have always known what good they are for those organizing them. But it took me a while to discover what use they were to me as a potential  participant.
Until I decided I wanted to know more about Big Data and Data Visualization. I accidentally stumbled upon the announcement of a data visualization challenge organised by Tableau and Google. And a few days before I had met a young expert in that field. I decided to drag her into the challenge with us.
So suddenly we found ourselves with
  • an expert to work with and guide us
  • access to a huge data set
  • accounts to the right tools to get the job done (in this case Tableau & Google BigQuery)
And not to forget
  • a clear mission
  • a deadline!
This challenge created the perfect context for fast learning. So if you ever find yourself wanting to learn something new and time is limited; look for an expert, find a challenge or hackaton and get started!
And if you would like to know more about our interest in Data Vizualisation, come and share a cup of tea with us.