Lagging behind

Crelan was one of the last banks who joined the financial rush towards mobile. They had a very clear plan, they wanted to offer an excellent, user-friendly mobile banking experience and do it as quickly as possible. We got 5 months and a fixed budget.

Power of visualisation

We analysed both front-end functionality and available backend systems, data sources, security. The first phase of the project was fully focused on finding the best user experience within existing technical boundaries. In order to deliver fast we had to make the most of existing systems. Any backend change would set us back months. Parallel creative and technical tracks allowed us to make pragmatic choices. We delivered a fully working and branded prototype for all departments to see and share what we would build.

We convinced the organisation with the prototype and went on to build. We delivered a small team of developers, an analyst, a graphic designer and project manager. They worked closely together to deliver new functionalities every two weeks.

Speedy delivery

This is by far our most ambitious mobile banking project to date. We have been able to combine flat design, clear navigation and usability and even a tad of gamification in this app. Our analyst and project manager were the driving forces behind this efficient team and the wonderful collaboration across the Crelan organisation.