VDAB digital presence

VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders. The main mission of VDAB is to match job seekers with good jobs. VDAB has a database of around 85.000 jobs which is filled from different sources.

Before we started VDAB had three different digital channels:

  • a website
  • a mobile-only website
  • a native smartphone app

They each operated independently and evolved separately, a guarantee for bad user experience.

Responsive website step by step

We developed a responsive website for mobile, desktop and tablet users. But changing a large and complex website into a fully responsive website, is not something you do overnight. It is complex and it takes long. We came up with a different plan. We first rebuilt ‘find a job’ into a responsive and user-centric website that was temporarily hosted on the mobile-only domain. This allowed us to run it as a live website. We then did the same exercise for all the other functions until the beta-site was complete and ready to replace the old website.

Become an innovator

You can’t change all your existing teams at once to apply a new architecture and get to speed with UX thinking. We delivered a team for this project. They worked closely together with internal business experts. A small team and big steps are how we convince organizations of a new way of working. And pave the way for an organisational change.

This project was a great collaboration with Wijs,  Calibrate and Passwerk.

Our three take aways for large digital projects;

  • Start small. Scale fast.
  • Involve stakeholders. End users, Business and IT.
  • Initiate change, don’t break!

If you would like to know more details about this project and our way of working, we’re only one email away.