System centric

The starting point of this project was an extensive description of existing SAP procedures. Our customer expected this to be excellent input for our analysis to start and had put a lot of work in documenting. We convinced the team that a deep understanding of the current situation was paramount to creating a successful digital solution.

User observation

The project took a new start with four days of observing the representatives, our future users. Knowing exactly how they work helped us to find the ideal marriage between ease of use and existing SAP  processes. These days were a big source of information and inspiration throughout the project. It also allowed to reach out to the users in a very early stage of the project, easing the path of user adoption.

Switch to employee apps

Employee apps are more than any other digital project an exercise in change. They often go hand in hand with first time use of the tablet. At Foursevens we believe that digital adoption needs to be taken seriously, it is our starting point and continuous point of attention throughout our projects. People will only change their way of working if they feel motivated to do so, if it makes sense to each one of them.