What is “VIVES op afstand”?

VIVES is a modern higher education institute that organizes education focused on competences, innovative pragmatic research and service to the community to answer social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Platform for exams

VIVES, a centre for higher education, opened a new exam facility in the city of Kortrijk. They want to offer flexibility to subscribe to exams. The exam center will use a new digital platform, Square, that includes a whole range of tools, both for teachers and students and people overseeing the exam. Teachers have an easy way to create exams. They upload the document and choose the possible dates of the exam. This is the case for written, oral and online exams. It can also be used for assignments.

Efficiency and ease of use

Students can easily subscribe to a certain exam and pick a date that best suits them. The task of the person overseeing the exam will become much more pleasant; the system creates a seating plan automatically. Square also allows to print exams in the correct order for easy handout. The platform is part of the innovative style of VIVES.