We invent, design and build web applications,  responsive websites and apps. As it goes with modern web applications, a plethora of libraries and methodologies is used to ensure minimal maintenance and maximum flexibility. We want to build applications that are ready to tap into the quickly transforming HTML5 landscape where, especially on mobile devices, not all features are equally implemented yet across different browsers.

If this piece of prose doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, this is what we have to offer;


Foursevens has a team of senior frontend developers, experts in Javascript and CSS3 (we still wonder why everybody always talks about HTML5, that’s the easy bit, right?). We build web applications, wrapped webapps, responsive websites and everything in between these categories. We also assist Content Management developers to squeeze a responsive website out of systems that are not always ready for the job. We believe in cross-platform, cross-device and we are always working at the limits of what is possible today.

We have a team that connects, you would connect too if you’re a bit like this;


  • You have already some solid experience in frontend development
  • You are obsessed with web technology
  • You greatly appreciate quality and continuous improvement
  • You are fabulously eager to learn
  • You know Dutch (or you’re well on your way to learn) and at least one other language (we’re talking human languages here), any extra’s would be much appreciated


You will work primarily on-site for our customers; most of them are located in or near Brussels. We have an office in Kontich and one in Brussels. We get together on a regular basis to share knowledge, experiences and meet colleagues. You can read about work-together-day here. We stay in touch online all the time (thanks to Slack!).

Interested? Send an email with your CV to info at foursevens dot be. Make sure to include some links to your work.