We are consultants. We are the kind of consultants who believe in close collaboration with the customer. We therefore tend to work at the customers premises. As a team, we only see the colleagues who work at the same customer, the rest of the team we only see now and then.
Consultants have to be a source of knowledge and expertise, constantly updated knowledge since we work at the edge of new technology. We build that knowledge by studying, reading ridiculous amounts of articles and by gathering experience on our projects.
Every consultant struggles, somewhere along the way, in some project. We sometimes struggle with very new or very old technology, we sometimes struggle with complex organisations or organisational politics, we sometimes struggle to convince customers of alternative solutions we see. We don’t go with the flow. But that struggle can be a lonely journey if your team is far away and little known to you.

Monthly work-together day

Since last year Foursevens has started a work-together-day. Once a month we convince our customers that our consultants work a day at our own office. We work on our projects but share, discuss, request reviews to one another. And we eat together, have coffee breaks together.  We get to know new people, we chat about every day life and do what ‘normal’ colleagues do every day.
Thanks to work-together-day we have been able to create a strong company culture. We have increased the sharing of experiences and knowledge and learning possibilities for everyone. We can relate to other people’s struggle because we know what they are doing. And by building relationships, we are more active online, on our collaboration platform, and we continue sharing.
We often help customers implement a new way of working and therefore constantly explore new and better ways of working for ourselves.